7 Things You Need to Know Before Tryouts

Jen Croneberger, the CEO/Found of Excellence Training Camps and current college softball coach has some really great tips for player going into tryouts. Some of these things you can use immediately. Others may require a little bit of homework on your part. Get an idea of what coaches are looking for, what catches their eye, and things you can do to improve your chances of making the team!

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Mental Approach for Hitting Q&A Interview with Jen Croneberger

Here is a Q&A style interview we did with Jen Croneberger which goes along with the 3 Mental Must Haves to Avoid a Hitting Slump report. I suggest you read the report before going through this interview. It will make a lot more sense to you!

Once you’re done reading the report, come back here and go through this interview. If you have any further questions you’d like Jen to answer, she has graciously agreed to do that for you as our Featured Expert this month!

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Sports Psychology Tips: Watch Your Body Language

Why Sports Parents and Coaches Should Watch Their Body Language
by Patrick Cohn
Sports Psychology Expert

*note: while this article is written primarily for sports parents, it can easily be applied to coaches too

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Sports Psychology Tips: Communication is Key

sports psychology and communication
Why Good Communication is Key for Sports Families
by Dr. Patrick Cohn
Sports Psychology Expert

After you read this article, you might be a little more careful about how you talk to your sports kids.

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Scientific Proof – Study on Relationships Between Mental Approach and Performance in Female Softball Players During Off-Season Strength and Conditioning Program.

Examination of the relationship between performance testing and psychological measures before and after a 12-week strength and conditioning program was the study’s purpose. Female NCAA Division-III  softball athletes completed pre- and post-testing held 12 weeks apart. On day 1, athletes completed informed consent, 3 psychological measures (Profile of Mood States [POMS], Physical Self Perception Profile [PSPP], and Athlete’s Self Perception of Physical Abilities [ASPPA]), and 2 strength tests (1 repetition maximum [1RM] bench, 1RM back squat). Day 2 consisted of the 30-yd sprint, pro agility run (PRO), vertical jump (VJ), and standing long jump (SLJ). All sports improved  in 1RM bench and squat and reported increases in perceived Physical Strength on the PSPP. The POMS scores indicated that the athletes were not overtrained or experiencing staleness. A series of correlations showed relationships between physical and psychological measures. Specifically, Physical Strength was correlated with 1RM upper-body and lower-body strength. The PSPP Physical Strength was correlated with ASPPA ratings of upper-body and lower-body strength. The PSPP Sport Competence correlated with ASPPA ratings of power and PRO. The study’s results highlight the benefits of strength and conditioning. Furthermore, these results demonstrate how physical changes are related to athletes’ physical self-perceptions and self-assessment of ability within their teams.

The study goes to show that a strength and conditioning program helps in an athlete’s over-all performance. A good program does not only help on increasing one’s strength but also prepares her mentally. Athlete’s confidence and self-perception is addressed through the conditioning program as well.

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3 Mental Approach Tips for Maximum Performance

I recently read an article by Wayne Goldsmith who is a High Performance Expert.  Here are some valuable take-aways from his article about the psychology of high performance.

Success Takes Daily Commitment

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Mental Game: Mini Guide to Achoring

Learn how to quickly and effectively improve your state of mind for increase performance.

Calm nerves
Re-center/Re-focus after an error
Bring about the confident state of mind you need to play at your best

Anchoring is a simple strategy you can apply at anytime anywhere you need it. Download this file for step by step instructions on how to “Anchor That Championship Attitude!”

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