Softball Nutrition Secrets

Softball Nutrition SecretsFind out what elite softball players eat to keep them at the top of their game! It’s sports nutrition explained in simple terms so you can understand it easily and apply it to your training regimen. The Performance Nutrition for Softball Manual will tell you:

  • Why you need fat
  • Why thirst is a poor indicator of hydration level
  • Which drinks are better on the go (cold or warm)
  • How junk food hurts your performance
  • What foods are recommended before and after competition or workout
  • and more!

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Top Sport Nutrition Myths

The field of sport nutrition is filled with myths that people follow blindly. This article looks at the top sport nutrition myths, and what science has to say about them. It will help you gain understand sport nutrition better and improve your eating habits at the same time.

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Smoothies for Athletes – 126 Easy Recipes

Smoothie-4-athletes-ecoverSoftball players require a lot of energy to train and compete. Any serious players know that eating nutritious food will help them play at the best and recover quickly. However, in today’s society, eating healthy and finding time to prepare meals or snacks is getting harder and harder.  One the best solutions is to drink smoothies. They are quick to make, they are nutritious and tasty, and will give you lots of energy.

This collection of 126 recipes is perfect for any athletes. Whether you’re looking for a quick nutritious breakfast or a powerful post-workout shake, you’ll find the recipe you’re looking for.

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Body Composition and Baseball Performance

This special report discusses the relationship between body composition – ratio between muscle mass and body fat – and baseball performance. While the numbers in the report are based on male baseball players, the discussion is interesting and has also implications and applications for female fastpitch softball players too.

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Fitness Calculator – Waist-to-Hip Ratio

This calculator will determine your waist-to-hip ratio. This measure is used to assess the body composition of an individual or whether she is overweight or not.  It is a good indicator of health risks.

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Fitness Calculator – Body Mass Index

This calculator will determine your body mass index (BMI). The BMI is a very common measure used to determine whether or not an individual has a healthy body composition.  Body composition is what your body is made of or the ratio between muscle mass and body fat.

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Fitness Calculator – Calories Expended

Body Weight:

Performance System – Permanent Fat Loss for Softball

Permanent-fat-Loss-EboxIn the USA, it is estimated that roughly 2/3 of adults and 1/5 of children are overweight. The situation is similar in other western countries even although the numbers are usually a bit lower.

Being overweight, in addition to all the health risks and self-esteem problems that it brings, also prevents softball players of maximizing their performance on the field. They aren’t as fast, quick, or explosive as they could be. Softball is a sport that requires a lot of speed and power.

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