7 Things You Need to Know Before Tryouts

Jen Croneberger, the CEO/Found of Excellence Training Camps and current college softball coach has some really great tips for player going into tryouts. Some of these things you can use immediately. Others may require a little bit of homework on your part. Get an idea of what coaches are looking for, what catches their eye, and things you can do to improve your chances of making the team!

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Mental Approach for Hitting Q&A Interview with Jen Croneberger

Here is a Q&A style interview we did with Jen Croneberger which goes along with the 3 Mental Must Haves to Avoid a Hitting Slump report. I suggest you read the report before going through this interview. It will make a lot more sense to you!

Once you’re done reading the report, come back here and go through this interview. If you have any further questions you’d like Jen to answer, she has graciously agreed to do that for you as our Featured Expert this month!

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The 3 Mental Must-Haves To Avoid A Hitting Slump

Grab your copy of this 7-page mental game report to find out…

  • how you can be more consistently successful at the plate this season
  • what is non-negotiable if you want to be a successful hitter
  • the 2 things you must do in order to make sure you have the 1st “Must-Have” of hittig
  • how to stay the course and avoid distractions from your hitting goals
  • what influences success or failure in hitting almost single handedly
  • how to overcome your hitting fears
  • and a whole lot more

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Sports Psychology Tips: Watch Your Body Language

Why Sports Parents and Coaches Should Watch Their Body Language
by Patrick Cohn
Sports Psychology Expert

*note: while this article is written primarily for sports parents, it can easily be applied to coaches too

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Sports Psychology Tips: Communication is Key

sports psychology and communication
Why Good Communication is Key for Sports Families
by Dr. Patrick Cohn
Sports Psychology Expert

After you read this article, you might be a little more careful about how you talk to your sports kids.

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Mental Game Tips: How Labels Hurt Players’ Confidence

Article by Dr. Patrick Cohn
Sports Psychology Expert

softball confidenceWhen sports kids start calling themselves “losers,” “chokers,” “wimps” or other negative names, it’s a bad sign.

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3 Mental Approach Tips for Maximum Performance

I recently read an article by Wayne Goldsmith who is a High Performance Expert.  Here are some valuable take-aways from his article about the psychology of high performance.

Success Takes Daily Commitment

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Mental Game: Mini Guide to Achoring

Learn how to quickly and effectively improve your state of mind for increase performance.

Calm nerves
Re-center/Re-focus after an error
Bring about the confident state of mind you need to play at your best

Anchoring is a simple strategy you can apply at anytime anywhere you need it. Download this file for step by step instructions on how to “Anchor That Championship Attitude!”

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Special Report – A Strong Mental Game for Competition

A Strong Mental Game for Competition
by Dr. Patrick Cohn

the batterA strong mental game is crucial for all softball players. If you perform much better in practice than in games, then your mental game might need a tune up. Sports psychology experts often talk about the importance of a strong mental game to improve your performance. However, my 20 years of teaching the mental game to athletes reveals there’s much more to mental toughness….

To be successful with mental toughness training, athletes must learn how to apply it to games and practice. Why would I say this?

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Performance System – The Psychology of Dominant Pitching

psychologydominantpitching-dvd-coverIf  you’re looking for step-by-step instructions on how to develop a winning mindset and the mental tools of a dominant pitcher,  you’ve come to the right place.  The Psychology of Dominant Pitching was created for those who are serious about becoming dominant pitchers.

In these videos, you’ll discover the secrets to literally take control of the game,  develop unstoppable confidence and incredible mental toughness to become a dominant pitcher.

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