Softball Nutrition Secrets

Softball Nutrition SecretsFind out what elite softball players eat to keep them at the top of their game! It’s sports nutrition explained in simple terms so you can understand it easily and apply it to your training regimen. The Performance Nutrition for Softball Manual will tell you:

  • Why you need fat
  • Why thirst is a poor indicator of hydration level
  • Which drinks are better on the go (cold or warm)
  • How junk food hurts your performance
  • What foods are recommended before and after competition or workout
  • and more!

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Strategies for Peak Performance – Interview with Scott Livingston

Scott Livingston, World Renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach

In this interview with world renowned strength and conditioning coach and athletic trainer Scott Livingston, you’ll learn numerous strategies used by elite athletes for achieving peak performance. Scott can train an athlete for performance and also do injury rehabilitation which is a rare and unique combo. He has worked with three NHL teams and with numerous professional, elite amateur and Olympic athletes.

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Performance System – How to Perform Your Best at Your Next Tryouts

How-to-Perform-at-Tryouts-EboxMost players fail to deliver their best performance when trying out because they (a) choke under pressure, (b) are not well-prepared and/or (c) don’t really know what to expect.

If you aren’t well-prepared, don’t know how to handle stress, and/or don’t know what to expect, you will fail to show the best of yourself, choke and leave a bad impression with the coaches. And you will definitely not make the team.

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Q & A – Icing a Pitcher’s Arm

Question: If a 12 yr old pitcher is going to pitch a game in the morning around 9:00a.m. and is scheduled to start again later in the afternoon, say around 4:00 p.m., is it advisable to ice her arm right after the 1st game or wait until she is done Read more

All About Stretching and Flexibility

Stretching can play an important role in performance if we know how to use it. Stretching is the action of elongating a muscle and results in a greater flexibility when performed regularly. A flexibility softball player will be able to perform better and prevent injuries.

Factors Affecting Flexibility

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Top Sport Nutrition Myths

The field of sport nutrition is filled with myths that people follow blindly. This article looks at the top sport nutrition myths, and what science has to say about them. It will help you gain understand sport nutrition better and improve your eating habits at the same time.

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Smoothies for Athletes – 126 Easy Recipes

Smoothie-4-athletes-ecoverSoftball players require a lot of energy to train and compete. Any serious players know that eating nutritious food will help them play at the best and recover quickly. However, in today’s society, eating healthy and finding time to prepare meals or snacks is getting harder and harder.  One the best solutions is to drink smoothies. They are quick to make, they are nutritious and tasty, and will give you lots of energy.

This collection of 126 recipes is perfect for any athletes. Whether you’re looking for a quick nutritious breakfast or a powerful post-workout shake, you’ll find the recipe you’re looking for.

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Injury Prevention and Recovery Programs

This report provides two different programs: (1) A thrower’s program which is designed to help softball players strengthen all the arm and shoulder muscles involved in the throwing motion and (2) a recovery program using a foam roll designed to help recover faster after a workout, a practice, or a game. Foam rolls are used a lot by elite athlete. The best part, this can foam roll program only takes a few minutes and can be done almost everywhere as it only requires a small foam roll.

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Injury Prevention and Recovery Programs

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Scientific Proof – Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness Decreases Speed, Power and Acceleration

Softball is a sport that requires a tremendous amount of speed, power, and acceleration.  Strength training is used to improve these essential qualities.

When working hard enough in the weight room or starting a new training program, you usually experienced delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or post-exercise muscle soreness.  You know you have post-exercise muscle soreness when you feel like you’re discovering “new muscles” and have some stiffness 24-48 hours after a new or intense workout.

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Performance System – Static Stretching for Softball

static-stretching-DVD-ecoverJust like strength, speed, or power, flexibility is a physical quality important to all softball players. It helps improve all aspects of the game (hitting, throwing, fielding, running speed, etc.) and prevent injuries.

Unfortunately, most softball players don’t spend enough time doing flexibility training. Static stretching is the easiest and one of the most effective flexibility training method.

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