Announcement: 21-Day Express Shape-Up Workout

21-day-express-ecover-smallThis 21-day express softball-specific workout program has been a best-seller for a few years. This workout program was specifically designed for softball players with only a few weeks to go before the beginning of their competitive season or who are already in the first few weeks of their competitive season but want to maximize their performance for the important competitions to come. It is short (about 20-30 minutes per workout) and requires only a few basic pieces of equipment – dumbbells, stability, and a medicine ball and is designed maximize your speed and power in 3 weeks!

Suited for just about any softball players, this fun workout is also a good first workout to do if you just starting to workout as a first introductory workout or if you want to establish a good foundation. Read more

Softball Workouts: Softball Team Training

Softball Team Training Workouts are designed to help you drastically increase

  • Power
  • Bat speed
  • Quickness
  • Endurance
  • Reactions
  • Lateral Movement

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Softball Workout – Increase Your Running Speed

Every Softball player wants to improve in her speed and quickness. Here is a set of exercises that focuses on building muscles to help increase running speed.
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Softball Workout – Increase Your Running Speed

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Speed Ladder Drills for Softball

speed-ladder-dvd-ecoverThe speed ladder is one of the best tool softball players and teams can use to quickly and easily improve speed, agility and quickness – It’s fun, super effective, and can be done anywhere.

Join Coach Marc as he walks you through innovative and highly effective speed ladder drills to help you get quicker and faster.

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Performance System – High-Performance Baserunning for Softball

If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions on how to become greater offensive threat and score more runs, you’ve come to the right place.

Join Coach Marc as he shows you how to become a more aggressive and smarter baserunner and explains how to properly and effectively explode out of the batter’s box, make good turns at the bases, take great jumps,  read game situations, tag up, and more.

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Performance System – Breakthrough Speed and Agility for Softball


If you’re looking for step-by-step instructions to become faster and quicker, you’ve come to the right place. The Breakthrough Speed and Agility System for Softball was created for those who are serious about taking their game to the next level by improving their speed, agility, and quickness.

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Performance System – Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System

ultimate-52-week-eboxAre you very serious about reaching your maximum potential? Are you hard working? Then, this complete and breakthrough Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System is for you! This MONSTER 466-page system contains simply the best and most comprehensive softball workouts on the planet! These are the same softball training workouts, advanced training methods, and innovative exercises all the best softball softball players in the world use to achieve extraordinary performances.

WARNING: This advanced training system is very challenging and is designed only for serious, hard-working elite players.

These are large PDF documents – they may take a moment to download.

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Ultimate 52-Week High-Performance Softball Training System – Part 1- The Program (354 pages)

Ultimate 52-Week High-performance Softball Training System – Part 2 – Exercise Database (102 pages)

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Q & A – Running Speed

Question: What is considered a good time from home to first-60ft? What conditioning exercises will help increase my speed?

Answer: To answer your first question, it all depends of your age. Based on college standards and this is only my own opinion… a decent speed should be under 3.4. Under 3.25 is considered fast. Under 3.2, it is fairly fast and if you are close to 3.0 or even under 3.0, you are in the elite running category for women’s softball players. You have to pay attention as to how to speed is measured and on which surface and when do you start the clock.

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Speed, Agility, and Quickness Drills

SAQ-Drills-ecoverSoftball requires a lot of speed, agility, and quickness. However, most of us only know so many drills. Doing the same drills over and over gets boring and doesn’t stimulate the body anymore. This report has literally hundreds of speed, agility, and quickness drills to choose from. You will not get bored anymore while getting faster, quicker, and more agile!

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Performance System – Scientific Core Conditioning for Softball

scientific-core-conditioning-eboxIt is a known fact that the trunk is highly involved in all major movements in softball. The trunk also plays a key role in the generation of rotational power, necessary for hitting, throwing and pitching. Every softball player needs a strong center of power not only to be successful on the field but also to prevent injuries. This is why proper abdominal training is so important.

This performance system explains why training the core is important, how it should be trained, and proposed a progression of the best core exercises for softball.

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Scientific Core Conditioning for Softball

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