Softball Nutrition Secrets

Softball Nutrition SecretsFind out what elite softball players eat to keep them at the top of their game! It’s sports nutrition explained in simple terms so you can understand it easily and apply it to your training regimen. The Performance Nutrition for Softball Manual will tell you:

  • Why you need fat
  • Why thirst is a poor indicator of hydration level
  • Which drinks are better on the go (cold or warm)
  • How junk food hurts your performance
  • What foods are recommended before and after competition or workout
  • and more!

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How to Deal with Frustrating Injuries – Interview with Lauren Bay


Injuries are a sad reality of sports and they can be very frustrating.  When softball players get injured and can’t play for a while, they may get very frustrated and have a hard coping with their injuries.

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Strategies for Peak Performance – Interview with Scott Livingston

Scott Livingston, World Renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach

In this interview with world renowned strength and conditioning coach and athletic trainer Scott Livingston, you’ll learn numerous strategies used by elite athletes for achieving peak performance. Scott can train an athlete for performance and also do injury rehabilitation which is a rare and unique combo. He has worked with three NHL teams and with numerous professional, elite amateur and Olympic athletes.

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Performance System – How to Perform Your Best at Your Next Tryouts

How-to-Perform-at-Tryouts-EboxMost players fail to deliver their best performance when trying out because they (a) choke under pressure, (b) are not well-prepared and/or (c) don’t really know what to expect.

If you aren’t well-prepared, don’t know how to handle stress, and/or don’t know what to expect, you will fail to show the best of yourself, choke and leave a bad impression with the coaches. And you will definitely not make the team.

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Performance System – Permanent Fat Loss for Softball

Permanent-fat-Loss-EboxIn the USA, it is estimated that roughly 2/3 of adults and 1/5 of children are overweight. The situation is similar in other western countries even although the numbers are usually a bit lower.

Being overweight, in addition to all the health risks and self-esteem problems that it brings, also prevents softball players of maximizing their performance on the field. They aren’t as fast, quick, or explosive as they could be. Softball is a sport that requires a lot of speed and power.

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Three Pillars of Head Training

brainIn every sport, levels of performance are always increasing. This can be explained by better overall training.

In softball, skills training methods are better than ever especially with the arrival of new technologies and teaching tools (computers, video, etc.).  Physical training has also greatly evolved going from being rudimentary in the late 1980’s to being cutting-edge and really advance today. Both skills training and physical training will keep getting better but I believed that they have both reached levels where improvements will be minors from now on.

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