The 3 Mental Must-Haves To Avoid A Hitting Slump

Grab your copy of this 7-page mental game report to find out…

  • how you can be more consistently successful at the plate this season
  • what is non-negotiable if you want to be a successful hitter
  • the 2 things you must do in order to make sure you have the 1st “Must-Have” of hittig
  • how to stay the course and avoid distractions from your hitting goals
  • what influences success or failure in hitting almost single handedly
  • how to overcome your hitting fears
  • and a whole lot more

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Softball Nutrition Secrets

Softball Nutrition SecretsFind out what elite softball players eat to keep them at the top of their game! It’s sports nutrition explained in simple terms so you can understand it easily and apply it to your training regimen. The Performance Nutrition for Softball Manual will tell you:

  • Why you need fat
  • Why thirst is a poor indicator of hydration level
  • Which drinks are better on the go (cold or warm)
  • How junk food hurts your performance
  • What foods are recommended before and after competition or workout
  • and more!

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Special Report – A Strong Mental Game for Competition

A Strong Mental Game for Competition
by Dr. Patrick Cohn

the batterA strong mental game is crucial for all softball players. If you perform much better in practice than in games, then your mental game might need a tune up. Sports psychology experts often talk about the importance of a strong mental game to improve your performance. However, my 20 years of teaching the mental game to athletes reveals there’s much more to mental toughness….

To be successful with mental toughness training, athletes must learn how to apply it to games and practice. Why would I say this?

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Sleep Deprivation in Softball

Sleep-Deprivation-EcoverEight hours of sleep seems like a colossal waste of time, doesn’t it? After all, in the hectic world we live in, those precious hours could be put to use for many other more useful things. So why is sleep important and why do we need so much of it? This report discusses the most overlooked performance factor in softball and how it really can affect your game.

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Rotator Cuff Injuries

When you throw the ball, some muscles are responsible for accelerating the arm while others are responsible for decelerating it. The rotator cuff  is a group of 4 muscles located in the back of the shoulder responsible for the deceleration of the throwing arm. Because of the high velocities generated by the throwing motion, the repetitive nature of the action, and the fact that these 4 small muscles are often weak and untrained, softball players are very prone to develop rotator cuff injuries.

This report discusses what is the rotator cuff, what are rotator cuff injuries, and how to treat and prevent them.

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Stair Strength and Conditioning Exercises

Variety is the essence of motivation and is also crucial to provide the body with new training stimulus in order to maximize results. This report introduce a different type of training that’s free and can be done almost everywhere using something you use everyday – stairs! It will provide with new training ideas and exercises to improve your muscular strength, power, and general conditioning.

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Speed, Agility, and Quickness Drills

SAQ-Drills-ecoverSoftball requires a lot of speed, agility, and quickness. However, most of us only know so many drills. Doing the same drills over and over gets boring and doesn’t stimulate the body anymore. This report has literally hundreds of speed, agility, and quickness drills to choose from. You will not get bored anymore while getting faster, quicker, and more agile!

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Smoothies for Athletes – 126 Easy Recipes

Smoothie-4-athletes-ecoverSoftball players require a lot of energy to train and compete. Any serious players know that eating nutritious food will help them play at the best and recover quickly. However, in today’s society, eating healthy and finding time to prepare meals or snacks is getting harder and harder.  One the best solutions is to drink smoothies. They are quick to make, they are nutritious and tasty, and will give you lots of energy.

This collection of 126 recipes is perfect for any athletes. Whether you’re looking for a quick nutritious breakfast or a powerful post-workout shake, you’ll find the recipe you’re looking for.

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Improving Agility Techniques

To improve agility, all most players and coaches do is a bunch of drills around cones and between lines. However, very few work on refining their agility techniques. When you work on improving your hitting, you work  on your mechanics and use a variety a drills. It’s pretty much the same thing when people work on improving their speed; they will work on their sprinting mechanics and do different drills to get faster.  Why would agility training be different? This report discusses how to improve your agility techniques – change of directions, transitions, and redirections.

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Developing Strength and Power for Fastpitch Softball

This is a great report on the development of strength and power for fastpitch softball – the driving force of the game.  The report discusses the importance of strength and power for softball, the specific needs of softball players, and position-specific considerations.

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